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Wonder woman, bred by the wonderful people over at Nirvana Seeds in the Netherlands has been a favorite of ours for a moderate, not too powerful, daytime smoke. We grow two phenotypes: a dense, lightly colored flower that is gassy and funky, while the other is a red-orange flower that is sweet and skunky. They are great examples of classic Dutch hybrids, we love them both and hope you do too.


We will leave you with Nirvana's description of the smell, taste and effect:

Wonder Woman will boast aromas and flavors that are both pungent and acrid, with a sweet floral background. She is a fine blend of Skunk with an added sweetness that keeps you guessing after each pull of a joint.

The exhalation reveals a much more musky and floral taste that has an earthy sweetness which becomes the last thing you taste.

Her effects are upbeat, clear minded and a sense of inspiration. An ideal candidate for daytime use, as she does not have any tiring side effects and will keep you mentally stimulated throughout the day.

A wonderful strain that is great for smokers who are seeking a well-balanced effect that expresses hybrid vigor perfectly. Well recommended for anyone who enjoys keeping busy, creative and remaining sharp.

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