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We are completely new to cannabis, never tried it before and if we did, we didn't inhale!

But in a different world where we did inhale.... the owner of this cannabis farm feels pretty blessed to grow this plant for a living in vermont.

This little grow is a one man show. Tim is a medical laboratory scientist and a stay at home dad, who likes to grow cannabis in the time he would otherwise be sleeping.


It's something he's been doing from the age of 15. When he was 16, he found himself on the internet browsing cannabis forums and by 18 he became an administrator of one. Distributing seeds at that time was quite illegal, so he wouldn't ever admit to it.

Now He can grow legally and spread seeds legally. Which is fun.

Our mission is to work alongside others to both explore and produce cannabis in a sustainable fashion at an affordable price for the people we love.

-tim from way high up there

that includes you.

California Orange IBL
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