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Sundance woman  is our homemade hybrid of Nirvana Seedbank's Wonder Woman (Super Skunk x White Widow) and Greenpoint Seed's Sundance Kid (Stardawg x Sunset Sherbet) hailing from the mountains of Colorado. 


By blending Wonder Woman's old school dutch flavor of flowers and skunk with Sundance Kid’s new world sharp fuel with creamy dessert undertones, we are hoping to add a little more sunshine to this world.


Our idea with this project is to keep both the flower structure and the subtle skunk and floral aromas that came with our Super Skunk leaning phenotype of Wonder Woman and add in some extra kick. Boosting both THC and total active cannabinoids, as well as creating an increased and slightly modified terpene content. The terpene profile evolved from the myrcene dominant Wonder Woman to now include higher doses of beta-caryophyllene and Limonene, as well as the addition of alpha-Humulene.


This project dawned in 2023 and will likely take until 2025 for it to mature into a stable line, so please expect some variety in flower aromas, taste and structures. From skunky and sweet to lemon candy gas. Enjoy the sunshine.

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