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The Peanut Buddha project started a few years back when we popped some old Buddha's Sister S1 seeds I had recieved from a friend right around the same time we found outrageously nutty and sweet-smelling Peanut Butter Breath from Humboldt Seed Org.  The progeny has been selected and backcrossed to the Peanut Butter Breath mother to stabilize for the traits we are looking for.


The smell taste and effect are all described almost too well by the name, expect various nut flavors  with a little fruity or floral background. The THC %'s are moderate, hovering around 15-20%, however, overindulgence might whisk you off to a peaceful nothingness beyond the void.

This breeding project is ongoing, you can expect some variety in your bags until we wrangle this project into a single phenotype. Enjoy. 

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