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Lemon Berry Candy  is a well-balanced hybrid, bred by Ethos Genetics, boasting a delightful bouquet every time you open the jar: lemons, lime, mangoes, red berries and all the exotics fruits blended in with a candied gasoline smoothie. A moderate to high potency strain that clocks in around 20% THC and 25% total active cannabinoids. Strong enough but never too sleepy; Lemon Berry Candy is another perfect daytime, creative and uplifting high without the racey, anxiety inducing effects found in some sativas. This balanced hybrid offers the smell of summer fruit and the feelings of a hammock by the lake. 

In the blender to make the Lemon Berry Candy, Ethos took the famous 1990's Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and the lesser known L.G.B.T (Lemon Grape Bubble Temple) to create a balanced hybrid we here at Way High Up There know you will enjoy. The dominant terpenes are surprisingly: alpha-terpinolene, ocimene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene. We appreciate you choosing us and hope you enjoy this cultivar as much as we do. 

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