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Cookie Lookie, lovingly named after our family dog, has been a ‘Cookies'-based project of ours for almost 5 years. Our goal is to take all of our favorite 'Cookies' strains and make a sweet mutt out of em. So far, so good.


The Cookie Lookie projected started in 2016 after we received

some self-pollinated seeds of the “Forum Cut” of the famous

Californian Girl Scout Cookies cultivar. Initially, we took the

exceptionally frosty Biscotti Mintz (Girl Scout Cookies x Biscotti)

that we were growing from Barney’s Farm and pollinated our

favorite of the Forum Girl Scout Cookies. After sifting through

that litter over the next two years, we found a favorite and mixed

her into the cookie dough with an extremely sweet, fast finishing

'Cookies & Creme’ (Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter F2) we

received from Spain.


This breeding project is still ongoing, you can expect to see some many different of flavors and smells all within the same cookie dough theme. Next step is backcrossing again the Girl Scout Cookie mother while trying to retain the extra sugary sweetness of that Cookies & Creme. 


Expect a euphoric and uplifting high accompanied by a soothing and back-melting body buzz from this modern day polyhybrid. Frosty dense buds break open to reveal a slightly sweet cookie dough and earth aroma with hints of vanilla. Myrcene, beta-caryophellene, alpha-Pinene and Limonene generally dominate the terpene profile, although you can expect a lot of variety when reaching into this cookie jar. Just be careful going back for seconds, these cookies can be strong!

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